The Ideas And Process Of Experience Is Unlimited And Unimaginable

The Science behind a Thought

It’s amazing to be human and in thought. So, what is the science behind it? I hope you read though my post because hopefully it will give birth to an undiscovered theory! Well, I can probably assume that it will because all endeavors in life really stem from our thoughts, and everything unknown today will eventually be known tomorrow. Life is a matter of reality (what we actually have, know and live with), but our thoughts are a matter of what we own. Yes, we actually own our thoughts and by our nature we like to share our ideas and information. By doing so, something inside of us becomes measurably more valuable. Our experience grows, and our ability to expand outward and forward increases. Many people would not really consider that their daily experiences and thinking really have much merit or purpose, but in actuality, our whole society is a reflection of one simple bit of data, our thoughts.

I for some reason outside of my own thinking (belief) wanted to create something called the Science behind a thought. If first came to me in a dream.

Idea out of nowhere

Our Minds have a mind of their own.

In a dreamy state one morning, the title of my essay was born. I had no body to it! I was given perhaps a mission from someplace other then my rational mind, and summoned to fulfill it’s purpose. This endeavor is simply an exercise of creation. Our thoughts create things, and our ¬†ability to share are creations are the frameworks to our society. Also, and for the context of my essay, I wanted to create the science behind our thinking. A lot has be written about how our thoughts become our reality and such, but how often has anyone ever read about it being a science?

I’m not any sort of professional or academic scholar doing research, I’m merely a normal (hopefully) being who has a bit of a passion to express a few ideas and share with the world something that has come to me quite unexpectedly. By my nature, I am analytical to a point, especially with trying to understand our thinking. I have had plenty of dead thoughts (ideas and creative impulses) simple go nowhere except go dormant deep never to be shared or given the chance to breath life into an another being. When I had this dream about a science behind our thoughts, I just felt compelled to do something. I hope my inspiration is not in vain, and that somehow or in some way you will be richer or more inspired yourself by receiving and ingesting this stew of bubbling thoughts with a dash of imagination.

To create a science behind our thoughts, is a work of unimaginable complexity and a dynamic undertaking to say the least. How can I even begin to organize and categorize our thoughts into some relevant science. I’m merely a feeble minded normal person who drifts through life on a day to day basis without a clue of the inner workings of our mind. I only have my thoughts, which I own, and my desire to execute this rambling raw data known as my thoughts into some other form. It is by this desire that I have created what I call the science behind our thoughts.

The Minds Eye

Result of Thought is Experience

I have to wonder for a moment, why or what am I thinking and saying here? I have to think about this for a moment before I can imagine how a simple, almost infinitesimal pulse of energy, that being my thoughts, either at this exact moment or at anytime in my existence matters. And furthermore, what exactly is the science behind it? I have to wonder why I would be compelled to write about it, and what or how it can help you. It really is only a matter of translation of my own thoughts, so why am I sitting here explaining all of this. I cannot seriously answer this question, but what I can do is imagine a reason for doing so. and, by my own nature, I have sort of a nature to express and share the inner workings of my thought process which in turn would contribute the whole human experience because we all have thoughts and desires to express such anomalies.

If I just sit here and listen deeply within my own mind, ideas form, words fly around at whistling speeds, colors, textures, and memories are all abound. Not even mentioning the multitude of countless other impulses that fire off random impulses of energy within my mind, I have to wonder how in the world or what in the world is the science behind it all. Science is an approach to study and analytically categorize elements to draw conclusions and make predictions. Furthermore, with science, we can build knowledge for society and pass this knowledge on from generation to generation. There are numerous studies that could be considered science, and almost always it seems to create more questions then it answers. But, the important thing to remember here is how humans solely use knowledge and are able to pass it on. You can teach a dog too sit, or roll over for a reward. And, it could be argued that the dog has knowledge, he knows that he will be rewarded with a certain behavior. But, never will a dog teach or pass on that knowledge to another dog. Certainly, the dog has thoughts and knowledge but why is it so human to pass on knowledge and create our own methods of doing so? Certainly the root of all knowledge and creation is a thought, so what makes the human thought posses the magical quality of evolving into the society that we have? There must be some element to it, some way to analyze it, or break it down to a more comprehensible reason why our thoughts can literally do anything! This is what the science behind a thought will attempt answer,, although, as in most of science it surely will generate more questions then find answers for.

I like to approach most curiosities with questions. Why ? Actually, that is (in my opinion) the most important word in any language. And to ask why something is, is in itself a great paradox. Somehow, the very nature of why something is, creates more of the something that we are asking why about! Therefore, lets see how this simple paradox can be applied to the science behind a thought. The question why seems to me be the absolute reason our thoughts are so powerful and self fulfilling. A thought can have a million different forms and not even be in pursuit of why, but because there is always energy to our thoughts (to be continued in some other millennium).