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The Guru Product Blueprint by Eben Pagan is live

Eben Pagan has launched the Guru Product Blueprint product. I watched the 36 minute presentation and is very good value for the money. It’s pricey but value packed and worth every penny of the price. He is a true master at evoking the emotional buttons and getting you to buy his product. And teaching you how to do the same thing with your products.

As I sat there and watched the whole presentation, it was nearly impossible not to push the register now button. What I especially liked about the Guru Product Blueprint was he is throwing in 6 of his other million dollar products for free, and not only that he is going to let you dissect the creation process of all of those free products too. The other biggie I like is he has two levels of engagement. One for beginners and one for pros. This is way cool because you can learn with others at your same level.

Even if you do not buy his product, just watching him pitch his product so masterfully is an education in itself.

I did not buy the product myself, but did his exercises on the pre launch and you can see them down below. I got so much value from it.

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