The Ideas And Process Of Experience Is Unlimited And Unimaginable

Experiment with Life

Today is like another page out of history, it will be gone before you can count to three. So, lets take a brief minute to see what we can do with this moment in time. I can use this moment to do nothing thus causing no effect in my life.  But, if I get creative or inspired, I can experiment with this moment and make something happen.

So, what do I mean by experimenting? I can easily answer that simply with an example. This post! I have only a few minutes of idle time right now, and I wondered what I could do, and I just thought I would create some random post. Its part of my over all theme going on here, its a new walk out onto the Internet.

common website sense

People everywhere are sharing their ideas and creating information for you and I to read. This post is no exception, except that it is purely random and what I would call an experiment. If I had something to share with you that would generate you…  some money, or somehow improve your business,  you may like to know more or be more interested in reading further.

But, since this is just a short exercise and experiment on creating an effect with a few idle moments, you are excused and may proceed on your other Internet activity. Do not allow me to waist your precious moment in time. Don’t forget, this short moment will soon be history!

Conclusion: If you read thru this far, my experiment worked, and if you aborted already it failed. I will measure the results and draw up some rationale as to what it all means. Most likely nothing, but even nothing can be something! Life is quite interesting, and I highly recommend you Experiment with it.

Living on the Internet

If I had a choice to live on or off of the Internet, I might choose to live off of it because of several reason. The one main reason I would rather live off line is because I prefer to be private and not share that much. It is for this reason it has taken me so long to get moving with this blog… I rather “take info in” then to dish it out… and with a blog, you have to Dish it Out.

When I read about something or see some video that is interesting I tend to keep it to myself, not eager to share it with the world. Sure, I may email a few close friends and share it with them, but in the bigger scheme of things, I tend not to share it with the entire Internet community. This is a big mistake if you want to pave your future.

The power of the Internet simply is it’s multiplication of information for everyone’s benefit. It is our human nature to constantly be on the lookout for new stimulus and knowledge.

The reason people are addicted to the internet is because they cant get enough stimulus. This is the power of the Internet in a nutshell. Information avalanche! Now this is a good thing for humanity for sure, but to live on the net, meaning making a living and such, it can be daunting and some would rather not learn how to conquer this massive heap of information.

It could be considered a mistake not to leverage this opportunity, but on the same token, not absolutely everyone is cut out for this endeavor. I’m not even sure if I can continue with this blog, and some of the projects I am working on aimlessly. And there are others who have no interest in learning about the Internet opportunities as well.

It’s important to know what you want from the Internet. Most people probably really are only after information to solve a problem or to consume information to fill their appetite. Information is inherently human, and we all have an insatiable desire for it, often desiring it aimlessly in circles. Also known as information overload.

My advise is to learn a simple truth, often ignored. Know what you want! It’s that simple, and with this truth in hand, it is easier to navigate and utilize the Internet to your fullest advantage.

Dreams are your currency

The only thing that doesn’t make a mistake is my imagination. I do make a lot of mistakes along my journey in life and in my pursuit for financial freedom, but the one place I can always go is my imagination. It is a place that needs no rules, expectations, tools or guidelines. And really is the only place that delivers anything I want!

Financial freedom is nice too, but its a hell of a lot harder then going to your imagination. I recommend, instead of all of this serious internet marketing stuff people are pushing on you all of the time, just go to a place in your own imagination that brings you peace and comfort.

Your imagination will feed your Internet Marketing desires and your future success will feed your imagination because you will have all of the time in the world to pursue what you want with financial freedom.

Life is about mixing and matching the realities and imagined aspects of your life. Find the balance and reap the rewards. Then follow thru and do the action that you must in order for the elements of your desires to come true.

Dreams are the currency for your reality… so start to imagine and things will develop for you.