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Internet Success Formula 1.0

Continuing on to exercise number 2 Eben wants us to connect the motivation (emotional) to all of the information and action. What I’ve done to complete this exercise is created an imaginary product called Internet Success Formula 1.0, and I made a podcast attempting to use Eben’s Information Product Blueprint to execute a imaginary product.

You can listen to it here. Being a total novice at this (creating information products), I may sound a bit unpolished, but I am trying to follow Eben’s step by step process. It is challenging, but rewarding. I had to learn how to podcast, and follow his formula.

I hope you enjoy the imaginary product that I am pitching in the pod cast. Please feel free to make any comments.

Here is the worksheet that I created the podcast from:

guru product blueprint

The M.I.A. Exercise


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