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Genius Brain Power Review

I want to write a review about an Internet product which can increase your brain power that I recently purchased and give you an honest account of my experience with it. I first came across Genius Brain Power a few months back, and didn’t buy immediately. I read and re-read the sales page and it was certainly something I wanted, but wasn’t sure about spending the $97 for it, so I sat on the fence a few weeks. I did download the free 20 minute sample from the sales page, and enjoyed it. I felt it was something I could use to help improve my brain & use towards my self improvement efforts, but I hesitated… you know… my

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buyers resistance is high! Eventually though, after a few weeks of using the free sample I felt I needed more then a 20 minute sample, so I made the command decision to buy this product for the $97 dollars. And, I’m glad now that I did, and I want to write this review to tell you in case you are unsure about buying it like I was, but before I do that, let me tell you how I felt before buying the Genius Brain Power audio package.
Above all else, I knew I needed to increase my memory, I was forgetting everything, and struggling to remember the things I needed to do for that day. I thought about taking supplements to increase memory, but I’m not really someone who enjoys taking supplements because I “forget” to take them!
I wanted a simpler solution for increasing my brain power, something that was easy and safe. I ruled out the idea of admitting myself to the hospital to have a surgical procedure (perhaps a brain transplant) done! Ha ha.
I’ve always been active with the idea of self improvement, and even created this site around that idea, but I really didn’t feel like I had the brain power to follow through with all of my self improvement goals.

I wanted this Genius Brain Power audio program to help center my thinking. I tended to be all over the place with my thoughts, and what I wanted was some action resulting from my thoughts… like writing this review! I needed to be more focused, and aware of the things I need to DO, verses day dreaming about seemingly random thoughts & things I know I should do but only dream of doing. Part of that equation for me is putting up this site one page at a time, and staying focused on my work…. so I knew I needed to expand my brain power. Like most people, I feel somewhat lacking sometimes, I’m forgetful, lack concentration, day dream, make excuses, get distracted, easily get overwhelmed with information overload, and just plain forget about things that I need to remember.
Okay…. and now for my review of the product:
Some people will probably feel unsure about buying anything on the Internet, and always “believe” everything is a scam. My review will do you no good if you already “believe” it is a scam, but I would hope most of my readers are intelligent enough and fair enough to give this product a fair evaluation. And, it is my intent writing this review to provide you with more information about this product and decide for yourself if it something you want too and wish to buy. There is absolutely no risk to buy this because Cameron Day the genius behind this product offers a 100%, 180 day, money back guarantee! So, Firstly I would say…. there really is no risk.
Now, more about my experience buying and using Genius Brain Power.
I felt good once I made the decision to buy it. Remember I said earlier that I was on the fence about buying it…. well, one day, I had this sudden intention come to me to just buy this Genius Brain Power product. I just knew I needed it, I can’t explain exactly how, but I knew from reading the sales copy and all about brainwave entrainment and isochronic tones and such…. that this was something I needed and could help me reach my highest potential. I just eased back off of my buyers resistance and allowed what I knew I needed to happen….I openly purchased it! The Genius within creates freedom
Once I made my secure payment, I was directed to a members page where Cameron Day explains everything I needed to know about downloading and using the audio Mp3’s . The downloads are broken up into about 8 individual downloads because all toll its about 1.7 GIGs of data so it’s easier to download in bite size pieces. There are a little over 30 Mp3’s all together which include core training and bonus materials and it might take an hour or in most cases to download all of the packages. Inside of the members area there is a user manual, which explains everything about how to get started to advanced usage. Meditating may be a new skill for many of you, so I would recommended reading the entire user guide before you begin using your Genius Brain Power Mp3’s TIP: you can read the manual while downloading the first package. There is an awful lot of information to know about how this exercise for your brain works and how you can benefit by using them. There is also a blog that Cameron is active on explaining some of the benefits of brainwave entrainment.
As of writing this review, I have been using my Genius Brain Power Mp3’s for a little over 3 weeks. And, I have seen some improvement in my brain power, although I know I have a lot more improvement and long ways to go yet to reach where I want to be, and I believe honestly and completely that Genius Brain Power brainwave entrainment will help me get the results I desire. The time it takes to get results varies from person to person using these Mp3’s, but most people will see some results like I have in about 3 weeks. I listen to at least two 2 tracks per day, and more if I can get the time in for more. One big consideration using this product is that your brain will not “condition” itself to sort of be immune to the isochronic tones. Listening repeatedly will improve brain functioning and intelligence overall and continually as long as you continue to use the product. Cameron likes to compare it to physical exercising where your body builds mussel mass, but listening to GBP is brain exercise.
Finally, I would just end by saying that the final decision is something you have to make for yourself. I can only tell you that I am very pleased with this product, and do not intend to ask for a refund. I hope you can realized the benefit of increasing your brain power for working towards your self improvement efforts and overall health.