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2014 Time to Update Myself

Hi All,

It’s been almost a year since I’ve posted anything to this site.  For good reason too. Nothing to post. But now its time to update myself and start out with a fresh theme. This site is long overdue for some refreshing. I’m going to get creative and fix it. Just don’t hold your breath, it may take some luck, planning and a miracle.

Have a beer on me:


I’ll do it tomorrow.

photo credit: Aurimas Adomavicius via photopin cc

The Guru Product Blueprint Prelaunch Worksheet and Giveaway

Eben Pagan is at it again folks. This time he is creating a new product teaching us how to create information products. The theory behind this product launch is what makes people buy things. He stated clearly in his video that it is the emotional undertow that makes people buy things. His new program is going to guide us how to detect what emotional triggers our customers have, then provide them with the information that will address their concern, pains, and problems.

Make sure you watch the whole video at his site, this video on this site was edited with some comments from me, and with my worksheet.

Please Excuse the poor sound and double video player bar, I created this video simply by screen capturing his video and needed to reference the time, so there is a double video player bar and a slight sound echo.

See the whole unedited video here: you may have to optin. Its worth it. This is the first of four pre-launch videos that he will be creating teaching us how to create information products that sell for big money.

Here is a picture of my worksheet. You are going to want to do the worksheet for yourself.  On his site with the full video, you can download the pdf worksheet and get started. He is emotionally charging up his future product with giving away 4 Ipads, and a Mac Book Pro! Get On It!

my worksheet

Emotional Intelligence Worksheet