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Dreams are your currency

The only thing that doesn’t make a mistake is my imagination. I do make a lot of mistakes along my journey in life and in my pursuit for financial freedom, but the one place I can always go is my imagination. It is a place that needs no rules, expectations, tools or guidelines. And really is the only place that delivers anything I want!

Financial freedom is nice too, but its a hell of a lot harder then going to your imagination. I recommend, instead of all of this serious internet marketing stuff people are pushing on you all of the time, just go to a place in your own imagination that brings you peace and comfort.

Your imagination will feed your Internet Marketing desires and your future success will feed your imagination because you will have all of the time in the world to pursue what you want with financial freedom.

Life is about mixing and matching the realities and imagined aspects of your life. Find the balance and reap the rewards. Then follow thru and do the action that you must in order for the elements of your desires to come true.

Dreams are the currency for your reality… so start to imagine and things will develop for you.

Sample of the brain power


Sometimes You just have to use your brain. If you are like me, your brain my not be operating in as highly creative mode as you wish it to be. You need to give it a boost of juice!

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