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Is the Shiny Object Syndrome doing you in?

The shiny object syndrome, is like a cancer. It grows profusely and inhibits your creative flow. I’m not sure why so many people experience this problem, but its highly susceptible to people who are entrepreneurs, or who are attempting to create their very first business online. Its common both online and offline, but being an Internet explorer and seller of information products myself, I have a bad case of shiny object syndrome associated with online marketing.

For those of you you who might not know exact what this is, I’ve outlined it to help identify it and destroy it before it bankrupts you and causes you financial and emotional harm.

the shiny object sydrome

Its a buzz word out there, the shiny object syndrome, but its also real. And, I want to point out some ways to shield yourself from its harmful effects.

First there is the human element to it which is all emotion to begin with. As a human being, the sales process will devour our logical (supposedly) resistance if the emotional tide underlying the sales pitch is strong enough, each and every time. So if your problem is money, and most people these days, it is, then the emotional promise or belief will convince you to open your wallet and fall victim again to the shiny object syndrome. Its not only in the make money niche that SOS will effect you, but the one I’m most concerned about and reporting on.  And then there is about 10 billion products and sales pages on the Internet, which all are jabbing for your attention and asking you to buy their product. Everyone is pitching a product or service and in effect it can cause the shiny object syndrome.

What makes it especially troublesome for us who are attempting Internet Marketing is the magnitude of information we need to get our business launched, and products created. Which takes laser focus and attention to detail. And most folks can’t hold their attention long enough on one project, so the shiny object sharks surfing all over the Internet try to take a bite out of your pocketbook. It usually works.

I’m no exception to this problem. I’ve bought countless products and courses all promising riches and simple solutions, and at the end of the day it seems I’m in the same place as the day before.

I’m at constant battle against this, as you may be as well, so I created this blog post to give you some suggestions to ward off the menacing and hurtful problem of buying too must crap and not getting anything done as a result of it.

I’m not against buying products, or solutions that information marketers create, package up and sell for millions, but I am against not doing anything with the products after you buy them and start looking for another shiny object on the Internet.

It all boils down to you. As Brian Tracy says, if you just say to yourself, “I am responsible” its impossible to be angry. Taking that same approach, knowing you are responsible for NOT doing anything with the products you are buying aimlessly, why be tempted over and over again? You are responsible, you need to realize before the first word or second in a sales letter or video that you probably aren’t going to do anything with it based on past results! Or, why or what makes this different? It’s not any different then the countless other products in the marketplace that you already purchased.

Set your goals, and know what you need before getting lost in another sales page. People tend to spread themselves too thin, and not stay laser focused long enough to get more yielding results. It’s common knowledge that less then 5% will making in the informational marketing world. Not surprisingly because a vast amount of persistence, information, and clarity need to go into your creation and efforts to selling.

Every single day, I’m hit with new systems, tactics, ideas, techniques, tools, sales stories, and solutions. Its amazing… the shiny object syndrome is alive, real and well, but how are you doing? I hope you have clarity, persistence, and laser focus to create and market your own ideas and uniqueness to combat all of the billions of messages hitting you all day and everyday.

Stay true to yourself, and your own creations. Stay focused, and know your own value. Don’t allow the emotional undertow of all these crazy sales stories hinder your own productive energy and keep you from what you are setting out to do.

And finally, dealing with the tons and tons of messages on a daily basis, it’s too easy to get lost in someone’s else’s promise that really doesn’t cure or solve your real problem which is simply to get your ass working. Start creating, selling, or doing something that is leads to the results and goals you want. People get all too emotional and caught up in looking for a shiny object that promises things that it’s not really going to deliver. Only you can deliver the goods out of hard work and putting your creative energy into your projects. Stay on top of it, and tune out the supposed easy button.

success begins with a mistake

This web site is mistake number 34,291 and certainly not my first or last mistake but one worth mentioning. I just decided to start to get down to business and make something out of nothing! (my mistakes). If that sounds really bizarre, it probably is. You see, I want to write something down, and these days with the billions and billions of rehashed garbage out there on the net, its time to create a new mud pie. This site is the place to hang out on if you want to see pathetic failure glorified and non-sensible matters make sense.

These days on the Internet, and this so called Internet life are really a matter worth talking about, and if you have been lurking out there for any length of time such as myself, I’m sure you know you made some mistakes, and I hope you can move past them. This is want I hope to deal with in these coming days. Its rather personal, but necessary to move on past my errors and get grounded and possible see the humor in it all.

The big dream so many of us have is freedom from financial worries, so we come to the Internet looking for methods, and solutions for our worries. And what do we find? A billion and one sales letters selling everything imaginable and intangible! My goodness, its so daunting and frustrating trying to wade thru this crap.

Okay, the point of this blog is to point out the millions of mistakes I’ve made plotting thru this jungle of information on the Internet trying to pave my way for the future. Yeah, I heard its possible, but I haven’t seen it yet. So in contrast to most of what you find out there about how to do this and that shit, on my site you will find how NOT to do, and WHAT not to do, and It ain’t worth thinking or talking about!

For example, this site is called 1,000,001 mistakes, that alone is a big no-no, because who it the hell wants to read about that. I’ve built it on an adsense optimized wordpress blog, which makes no sense, but I figured I’d just start tying away – another big mistake.

The only thing I do know is that I feel like typing, to who, I don’t have a clue. Mistake number 322,306 know your audience. I don’t have one so its a mistake to just sit here and type. I’m just humoring myself with this, so perhaps some unsuspecting soul will stumble upon this post and have a laugh. Highly unlikely and consequently creating another mistake.

I’ve made it a habit in my life to go thru things by winging it, and this usually is a bad idea. Some people may get away with it temporally but in the long haul, it will fail you miserable. You should probably have a plan, don’t look for any solid ideas here, this site is a pathetic waist of time.

For instance, I should have some keywords targeted, but I don’t. I have this build on probably the wrong wordpress theme, but perhaps I’ll try different ones as I hope to grow (strongly hope) its all I have is hope, not much ambition, mistake number 345. Also, the domain name should be related to the topic, it isn’t so its another mistake. Who really cares, I don’t and I’m just exercising my right to publish freely on the Internet, I don’t expect much attention anyway.

If you follow me thru my post you may get a feel for my complexity sense of direction and humor. It’s a bit odd for sure and many of you will be displeased by my thinking, and quite frankly I don’t give a damn. My advise for you in this case is to find something more to your liking. No one can be all things to all people, my thinking is about understanding how not to do things!

Lastly for this post, if anyone dares to leave a comment, I will surely be able to reply.