The Ideas And Process Of Experience Is Unlimited And Unimaginable


Hi, and welcome to my blog, created entirely from my imagination and millions of mistakes I’ve made along the way in life. So, you want to know who I am? I am nobody special or with any special skills. I am only armed with two assets. My imagination and my desire to conquer the world of Internet Marketing! And this blog is sort of a humble beginning to meet that end objective. There is a lot of self reflection here, opinions, and mistakes. Personally, I think this blog in itself is a mistake, but I’m going thru with it anyway. It’s highly unlikely that it will get any traction, but I can apply the skills learned creating it for better use in future projects.

I do enjoy writing, but sometimes struggle with it at the same time. I like to be humorous, and not so informative as it most of the stuff you read about when it comes to Internet Marketing. This is why this blog is not a “how to” guide in any way, shape, or form. It merely is a reflection of thoughts, ideas, opinions, some tips, and my trials and tribulations as I conquer this vast territory.

The Internet is huge, and is many different things to many different people. To me, I want to make a living from it. I want money from my efforts. I want to conquer it! They say only less the five percent of the people who attempt it ever make it, and I believe that statement wholeheartedly.

I welcome any comments and suggestions to me personally or to my pages and post. I am new here and there is lots of room for improvement. I appreciate any input and contributory ideas you may have.

PS: I know my WP theme sucks! and the domain name is totally unrelated, and color choices off a bit….mistakes happen! (live with them)